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Ye might find us ashore at various
and diverse amusement during the year.

Saphy snake photoLes Reines Mal de Mer have been sighted in Tahoe at the Valhalla Faire, in Gilroy (where that red-headed flirt spends the Autumnal era, in Las Vegas (a town to put the debaucheries of the Dry Tortugas to shame, indeed), braving the icy mists of August in the fabled Golden Gate (which our dear, dear friend Sir Francis Drake, bless his eyes, managed to miss in the fog, leaving it intact and unplundered for us—huzzah for his drunken flea-bit navigator!), and in Vallejo! A sort o’ pirate himself, the greedy land-grabber—and home to a fine Pirate festival. Hergh!

Sida with mugs photocloak and dagger photoWe’ve been known to time-travel a bit as well and sneak up on both the Victorian Revelers at Dickens Fair and the time-challenged, but ever so stylish Gorey Edwardians. And who knows where we might sail next? Sida and Saphy have an eye to a pirate fest somewhere off the coast of Spain. Perhaps a jaunt down the coast (we can steal a ship) to the Ojai Pirate Festival...and there’s always Albuquerque. And Minnesota. Hergh!

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